A Personal Blog

Published: 2019-03-19 10:30:30

A brief explanation of what this is and why it exists.

What is this?

Another blog? Even though I'm hardly posting to my main one anymore. While that is true, I want to change that. For 2019 I want to write more. However I also want to write things that are not directly Swift / iOS / Apple related. That's actually how appventure started. I wrote about Postgres, Clojure, and more.

Now, though, appventure is where I write about Swift. And that's great. I'm very thankful to have this publication and I want to write more there. I have a chock full list of articles that I'd like to publish on appventure. However, I also have a growing list of articles that are not about Swift but I'd still like to publish. Recently, I published an article about my C project Gitsi on appventure and it is clearly not the right fit. Appventure, for me, is about iOS development in Swift, not about C, or other technologies. That's why I felt that in order to write more, I actually need a better way to organize my writings into two different entities.

That's how this new blog was born.

What can you expect here?

There'll obviously Apple related content that is not directly related to Swift / Development (i.e. hardware, macOS). There might also be a lot of Rust as I'm really excited about Rust right now. Apart from that it will be whatever crosses my mind. Even vacation experiences. A typical blog.

Current content

I decided to move the non-swift articles from appventure.me over to terhech.de as that fits the general theme much better. That doesn't change the fact that those articles are all pretty much outdated.