A Mastodon Client with a Messenger Feel

Download Ebou for macOS on Testflight

Ebou is a different take on the Microblogging / Mastodon experience. It groups new Toots by author and displays them in a UI not unlike modern messengers like Telegram, iMessage or WhatsApp.

This makes it easy to see your friends' updates at once.

It also has a Conversation view which helps seeing replies in the originating context.

Ebou is currently an experiment and therefore missing many features which you might expect from a full Mastodon client. They will be implemented over time.


Ebou orders data in different ways.

  1. Timeline: Accounts with the most recent Toots are at the top
  2. Account Timeline: The most recent messages are at the bottom. Ebou will try to scroll to the last Toot you saw, so that you can conveniently “Catch Up” on newer Toots of your friend
  3. Conversation: Conversations are also sorted chronologically ascending so that you can follow a conversation as it progressed over time

Remember, this is an experiment. If you feel that this concept doesn’t work, feel free to contact me on Mastodon.

Scrolling to the bottom

Ebou tries to always scroll to the right position in the Account Timeline

If you tap a selection in the Timeline twice, then Ebou will automatically scroll to the bottom


Where can I download it?

You can download it via TestFlight on macOS. Just click here.

How do I attach a file?

Just drag and drop the image onto the window

Which platforms does it support?

It currently only supports macOS, but more platforms are on the horizon once the macOS version has reached a certain stability.

Will it be Open Source?

I don’t know yet. I’m working on Ebou in my spare time. I’ll see where it goes

This website is awful.

Sure, but it is also a 20min hackjob and it loads fast

Current State

What Works

  • Timelines
  • Super Minimal Notifications (only Mentions and Ebou doesn’t remember which ones you already saw)
  • Posting (including Video / Image attachments)
  • Drag and Drop images onto window
  • Conversations
  • Boost, favorite, reply, bookmark

What is planned:

  • Group by more than just users (e.g. Hashtags)
  • Lists
  • Your favourites / bookmarks
  • Other notifications
  • Profiles
  • Settings
  • Many small UI affordances
  • Messaging
  • Search
  • Other things I’m probably forgetting right now

Known Issues

  • The Boosted, Replied to and Favourite counts don't always update as expected.
  • The character count/limit in the post window isn't always correct.
  • Ebou sometimes has problems scrolling to the correct position in a account timeline

2023++ Benedikt Terhechte