Published: 2011-12-01 10:30:30


Finally. I started the adventure. As of this month I am an entrepeneur trying to work hard on bringing my ideas to life. I left a good paying job and the omnipresent feeling of security for uncertainty, adventure, and an unknown future. On top of that, I am unsure whether I am truly an entrepeneur by heart or if I accidentally fell for the unrealistic hope that founding, nurturing, and succeeding in a startup is easy. Nevertheless, here I am.

Before I headed into the startup world, I worked as a Product Manager at VIDERO LLC, a fantastic company that is innovating in the digital display advertising and content space. They have a truly great product and a rad team. I had a blast there, but over the years, while I helped shape the product and innovate in ever new areas, I realized that there is so much more that I lounge for that can't be found in digital signage.

The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress. (Charles F Kettering)

This post is mainly about my plans with this blog. Nevertheless, a small overview of what my entrepreneurial plans are seems sound. For the past two years, the desire to break free grew in me. First an itch, then an urge, and finally a desire sine qua non. During this timeframe, I contemplated oftentimes how I would use my days if my schedule was suddenly free of corporate agenda:

  • Improve my C, Algorithm, and Math knowledge.
  • Hone my writing skills.
  • Diggest tons of business, mba, entrepeneurship, and economic knowledge.
  • Work hard on the various ideas for products I have in mind.

I've been blogging for some time in various places, most notably in 2004 / 2005 on my ill-fated attempt on starting a weblog based on Apple News and on my personal weblog. I decided that this blog deserves a new domain, a new raison d'etre, since it will also cover a new chapter in my life. Thus this new blog is meant to do three things.

  1. Help me hone my writing skills.
  2. Share my opinions and things I learn in an interesting way.
  3. Report on my entrepeneurship adventure.

Even though I've been writing blog entries in the past, and even though I do did a lot of writing in my past job, I still feel like a kindergarten child clumsily glueing sentence fragments together in order beat a meaning out of them. But I understand that it is only experience gained through continuous hard work, that results in pleasing results. In that vain, this post feels like it has no structure or meaning, like a collection of empty shells. I'll publish it nevertheless. One has to start somewhere, and there is no improvement without a start.